How much does a logo cost?

January 15, 2018


How much does a logo cost?

I really like this question because every time I answer this question it gives me a chance to do two things I enjoy: the first is inform people and the second is encourage people to think in a new way.

And the simplest answer I can give to this question is that a logo costs whatever you want it to cost. I’m not trying to be snarky or illusive or mysterious, I’m just trying to be candid and straightforward.

You have to think of a logo in two ways at the same time. In other words you have to consider the duality of a logo.

So first of all you have to consider that a logo is a product being sold by a designer or creative studio. And on the other side, it is a tool that will used by you and your company or organization to market yourself, build an audience of loyal customers, and ultimately generate revenue. Ultimately it’s an investment in the success and profitability of your company.

So it’s a product and it’s a tool for your success.

Let me give you an example from another industry. If we were to take a professional photographer. Let’s say this photographer is going to go out and buy a new camera for their business. The photographer would go and look at all the cameras available. Now a professional photographer realizes that any camera body or camera lens on the market is a product they have to purchase. But at the same time, once they purchase that product, let’s say a lens, that lens is going to be a tool that they use to be successful in their business. And the better that tool is, the more successful they will be in their business. 

A professional photographer wouldn’t go to Wal-Mart and purchase a $10 disposable camera and expect that they could then go and generate an annual revenue of $100,000. That’s unrealistic expectations.

The more a product costs then the higher your expectations are for that product, and rightfully so. You wouldn’t expect the same quality and function from a $5 pair of flip-flops as you would from a $500 pair of all-weather hiking boots. It goes back to expectations and what you are willing to spend. What are you expecting from the amount of money you are spending? Are your expectations lining up with and are they realistic compared to the amount of money you are wanting to spend?

So for example, are you expecting $3000 results from a $50 product, or maybe you’re trying to buy a $3000 product for $50. Either way you go, both those options are going to produce pretty poor outcomes.

So, once you understand these things and once you see a logo is both a product you purchase and a tool to help you be successful you have the opportunity to ask yourself a new question:

How much should you invest in a logo?If a logo is a tool that will truly aid in the success and profitability of your organization, then how important is it to you to make that tool as good as it can possibly be?

Ok, i know i still haven’t answered the obvious question some of you are asking: How much does Seed Designs charge for a logo?

To be clear, Seed Designs is not a discount warehouse. We don’t sell $5 flip-flops. The designs we create for our clients are unique, expressive and, as I like to say, super-fresh. They are high-end, high-quality products. In other words they are valuable.

We don’t sell $50 logos or even $500 logos, our logos start at $2000 and go up from there. That probably sounds like a lot to most of you, but let me give you one more thing to think about. 

When setting a budget for a logo or brand development for your company, business or organization, not only should you consider how much you want to invest in your success, but also how much you want the designer to invest. You’re hiring a creative professional, whether it’s a freelance designer or a studio like Seed Designs you are asking them to invest themselves in the success of your business. This product that you are purchasing; this logo is going to help you be successful. So things you want them to invest are things like: time, effort, research, investigation, experimenting, revisions and focus.

You’re asking them to help you create the symbol of your company, the icon to represent you to the world. How much do you want them to give? Do you want them to be excited to bring their whole team on board and ready to give you everything they’ve got? Or do you want them to rush through the work so they can get to the next client and ignore your phone calls. How much are you wanting to invest but also how much are you wanting the designer to invest? Because that is just as important.

One more example to illustrate this point. If I was to bring someone over to my house and tell them I want them to clean my entire house from top to bottom for $50. What should my expectations be for $50? How clean could the house really be for $50 and how much would they really invest themselves in cleaning it for only $50? On the other hand, what if I told them I would pay them $2000 dollars and said I want my house to be absolutely spotless. I want them to scrub every single nook and cranny from top to bottom. How should my expectations be different now? How clean should my house be? And how much more invested will they be in actually doing an amazing job? How much more effort and time will they give in order to make the house truly spotless?

So, how much does a logo cost? My original answer really is true, it costs whatever you want it to cost. The next question is: What kind of logo do you need to be successful: flip-flops or all-weather hiking boots?

Chris Fikes

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