We’ve been described by many as vigilantes of iconography, paladins of the visual revival, sentinels of the artistically unviable, custodians of ocular beauty, revolutionaries of creative design, avant-garde abstractionists, and lot’s of other neat words we looked up in the thesaurus. Ok, not really, these are just things we say about ourselves when we’re playing ping pong or riding bikes.

In reality, we’re just some guys who love to joke around and have fun and realized we could do that together, while designing cool stuff, and help people grow their businesses all at the same time. That’s what we call a “win/win… win! Yes. Thank you, Pam.”
Your logo, brand and website should attract people to your business, not drive them away. And we’ve figured out how to do just that. With the use of giant magnets and our proprietary “attractonator” we can get people in your front door before they even realize what’s happening! Not really. But your company’s logo and brand is kind of like a magnet and we really do know how to help you build your brand in a way that is appealing and attractive to your customers. We really do love visual design and have a lot of fun working together.

From start-ups and small businesses to non-profits and full on re-branding campaigns, we work with clients of all shapes and sizes.  If you have a project you think we can help you with, give us a shout and we’ll walk you through it. If we’re not a good fit, we’ll let you know.

Playful. Adventurous. curious. optimistic.

our crew

We actually didn’t intend to start a design studio when we first began designing. We just designed because we had a lot of fun doing it and really enjoyed making things that look cool. People liked our stuff and kept asking us to do more and more. Before we knew it, we were getting paid to make nifty designs and we saw how our designs were actually helping businesses flourish. We think that’s pretty groovy.
Chris Fikes
Founder & Lead Designer
Boerne, TX
Brandon Garrett
Art Director
San Antonio, TX
Alexander Wigström
Front end developer
Helsingborg, Sweden

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